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Enzyme Treatments by Circadia in Richmond, VA

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Enzyme treatments work by dissolving the cellular debris on the surface of the skin for a fresher, brighter appearance. Enzyme treatments produce results similar to a light chemical peel, but no layers of skin are removed, which prevents the skin from becoming thin, dry, and aged so enzyme treatments are a good substitute for chemical peels during the summer. Enzyme treatments by Circadia all use a combination of natural enzymes including bromelain (found in pineapples), papin (found in papayas), and trypsin. At the MedSpa of Commonwealth Facial Plastic Surgery, serving the Richmond and Midlothian, VA areas, Aesthetician Angelina uses 3 different enzyme treatments by Circadia (Cocoa, Raspberry, and Zymase) for each patient’s unique needs and skin condition.

Types of Enzyme Treatments

Cocoa Enzyme Treatment

Circadia’s Cocoa Enzyme Treatment is safe and effective on all skin types, but is especially helpful for patients with rosacea or acne. The delicious smelling Cocoa Enzyme Treatment can be used alone, as a pre-extraction treatment, or with a Circadia Oxygen RX Treatment.

Raspberry Enzyme Treatment

Circadia’s Raspberry Enzyme Treatment is best for patients who have photo damaged skin or those with pigmentation concerns. The Raspberry Enzyme Treatment can be used alone or 2 weeks before and after a Circadia SWiCH treatment to help hyperpigmentation.

Zymase Enzyme Treatment

Circadia’s Zymase Enzyme Treatment is the most potent of the Circadia Enzyme Treatments and it uses citrus fruits to treat thicker, keratinized skin. The citrus extracts add anti-aging Vitamin C to the treatment for a mild exfoliation. The Zymase Enzyme Treatment is most effective when it is performed every 2 weeks. 

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