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Winter is our Favorite Season for Laser

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We always tell our patients winter is the perfect time for Cosmetic laser treatments. Laser treatments can dramatically transform the skin and are among our best options for non-surgical rejuvenation.

Lasers work by heating the skin and underlying tissues. This heat starts a regenerative process by stimulating the growth of collagen which means smaller pore size and tighter, firmer skin.

Remember cosmetic lasers are not an alternative to good skincare or healthy habits though. They are simply another tool in your toolbox for helping your skin to age gracefully and look its best for decades to come.

By getting started now, you can be ready when the summer months roll in. You will love the results!

Our Top 5 reasons Laser loves Winter:

  • Easier to Stay Out of the Sun– Sun sensitivity is common after cosmetic laser treatments, and we ask our patients to limit sun exposure and use protection during and after treatment. Many of our patients find it is easier to limit their sun exposure during the winter.
  • Your Best Summer Skin- Fresh, dewy skin is a hot commodity during the summer so you do not want to start laser treatment right before the busy summer season kicks off. Laser treatment in the winter will help your skin to look its best when warmer weather rolls around.
  • Laser Takes Time- Laser resurfacing can benefit from time for recovery. When you undergo skin resurfacing treatments that remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, you need to give your body time to heal naturally. Most laser skin treatments require more than one session to achieve your desired results. If you start your sessions in the winter, your treatment can be complete by the time summer arrives. It takes time for the skin to heal and regenerate. Start treatment this winter for your best skin when spring arrives!
  • Banish Winter Skin- Cold air and indoor heating take their toll on the skin. Eczema, dull and dry skin are common during this season. Laser treatments can brighten and revitalize the skin. You can tackle these issues head-on by scheduling winter laser treatments, like skin resurfacing. This type of treatment triggers an increased production of collagen to moisturize and firm your skin, to fight back against the dry winter air.

  • Fight Winter Blues- If you are feeling a little blue this winter, you may be able to brighten your mood by doing a little something for yourself. As your skin heals following treatments, you will appear younger and more vibrant throughout the winter months and well into summer.

If you are unsure which laser treatments are right for you, start by scheduling a complimentary consultation with Franki, Medical Aesthetician, at 804.378.7443. She can evaluate the condition of your skin and recommend the best treatment options based on your health and desired results. By the time the summer months are in sight, your skin will feel better, look younger, and be healthier than ever.

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