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Mirror Medical Imaging Suite


No matter how much talking is done during the consultation, Dr. Bridges finds that most people feel more confident about undergoing a cosmetic surgery if they can see the results Dr. Bridges is working towards. With advanced Mirror Medical Imaging software, Dr. Bridges will take current pictures of the patient and create a side by side comparison of realistic results. While the Mirror simulation images are not a guarantee of exact results, it provides a pretty accurate projection of what specific procedures will do to enhance the patient. Procedures can be added and taken away from the simulation until the patient and Dr. Bridges have decided on the right procedure or combination of procedures. Mirror Medical Imaging software includes HIPAA security features, so like the rest of the patient's information, the consultation images are protected and cannot be shared without the patient's consent.

Which procedures?


Dr. Bridges uses Mirror Medical Imaging software to help patients visualize their potential results from most of his plastic surgery procedures, especially nose surgeries (rhinoplasty). The software uses advanced features, like MatchPose®, color matching, and orientation adjustment, to ensure the patient's photos remain consistent, so only the procedure changes will be seen in the images. Mirror software automatically calculates distance, angles, and the proportions of the face to provide a scientific analysis and starting recommendations.

Will it improve my results?


Dr. Bridges uses Mirror Medical Imaging software because it increases patient confidence before their surgery and satisfaction with their results. It can be difficult for patients to verbally describe what they do and do not want. With Mirror Medical Imaging software, Dr. Bridges can explain and show medical terminology and techniques, so the patient will be better able to communicate with Dr. Bridges. During consultations, Dr. Bridges will stress that the simulations are not a guarantee of results, however Dr. Bridges uses his years of extensive experience in facial plastic surgery to give patients their best results.