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Balloon sinuplasty (BSP) is a minimally invasive nose procedure that enlarges the patient’s sinus passages for relief of sinus pain and pressure.

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a plastic surgery that reshapes the nose and corrects unwanted features for an attractive, balanced face.

Setoplasty is a specific nose surgery that repairs the common condition of a deviated septum for relief from symptoms, such as trouble breathing.

Septal perforation surgery can be performed to relieve any chronic symptoms of discomfort after an injury to the nose separates the nasal septum.

Revision rhinoplasty can be performed after a patient's first nose surgery leaves unsatisfactory results and the patient needs or wants corrections.

Facial reconstruction is a plastic surgery that restores form and function after facial trauma, diseases, skin cancer excision, or birth defects.

A brow lift is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the upper face by surgically raising sagging eyebrows to make the face look more awake and alert.

Cheek augmentation uses implants to enhance and stregthen the cheek bones as well as to create better facial balance and improve mid face contours.

A cheek lift, or mid-face lift, corrects sagging cheeks by surgically moving the muscle, tissue, and fat upwards for a more youthful appearance.

Chin augmentation, also known as mentoplasty, surgically inserts a silicone implant to the area below the lips for a stronger and more defined jaw.

Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that removes excess tissue and skin from the upper or lower eyelids (or both) for smoother, more alert eyes.

A facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is a plastic surgery to remove excess skin and tissue from the face for a youthful, but natural look.

Kybella is a new, nonsurgical treatment that permanently removes fat from the submental area that causes a “double chin” with a simple injection.

A neck lift, also known as a platysmaplasty, surgically removes loose, sagging skin from the neck and contours the tissue for a smooth, slender neck.

Scars from surgery or injuries that are still prominent after natural healing has been completed may be visibly reduced by scar revision surgery.

Sculpture Aesthetic is a dermal injection that corrects the signs of aging on the face, like lines and wrinkles, by stimulating collagen production.

Voluma is an FDA-approved injectable gel that fills the cheeks to correct the volume lost during natural aging and restores youthful contours.

The Restylane family of injectable fillers are all made with hyaluronic acid to minimize facial wrinkles and lines by adding volume and moisture.

Dysport is a safe form of botulinum toxin that can be injected into the muscles of the face so the muscles relax and no longer cause dynamic wrinkles.

BOTOX is an injectable wrinkle relaxer that smooths wrinkles in the skin by paralyzing the facial muscle that causes the wrinkle by its contraction.

Learn how the new Jeuveau can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without the need for surgery or extensive time spent recovering.

Latisse is a prescription remedy for patients with sparse eyelashes that includes daily, at home treatments to make the eyelashes thicker and longer.

Juvéderm is a non-surgical treatment that smoothes moderate to severe facial lines and wrinkles by injecting a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler.

Medical grade facials are performed by an aesthetician with professional ingredients and tools to achieve improvements in skin texture and tone.

The Hydrafacial MD is a non-invasive treatment that provides immediate results and long-term benefits without pain, irritation, or downtime.

Microneedling is one of the latest advancements in skin rejuvenation which creates hundreds of channels in the skin for a fresh new feel.

A chemical peel uses a topical acid solution to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, skin discolorations, and acne scars.

Dermaplane treatments carefully stroke the top layers of the skin to remove the dead skin cells and vellus hair for a smoother, healthy complexion.

Oxygen RX Treatment by Circadia helps all skin types restore healthy function to the skin and improve acne, rosacea, sun damage, and circulation.

The Sciton Joule laser system includes the BBL, Contour TRL, and Halo applications for customized laser skin resurfacing to improve tone and texture.

ZO Skin Health is the new advanced line of medical grade treatments and home products to treat all skin conditions and maintain healthy skin.

Enzyme Treatments by Circadia provide a gentle exfoliation that removes debris from the skin without making the skin drier and thinner over time.

EltaMD is an advanced skincare line that offers a number of products that help clean, enhance, and protect the skin while fighting the signs of aging.

Earlobe repair surgery corrects a torn earlobe due to large earrings or trauma and earlobes damaged from gauges to produce a natural-looking lobe.

Ear surgery to correct prominent ears, or otoplasty, corrects cosmetic ear issues, including oversized, misshapen ears, for a more natural appearance.

Using a wide range of energy wavelengths, the Sciton JOULE BBL (BroadBand Light) application can improve many skin condition and reduce unwanted hair.

The Sciton Joule laser system includes the Contour Turntable Resurfacing Laser (TRL) for laser skin resurfacing to improves tone and texture.

The Halo hybrid fractional laser application on the Sciton JOULE platform performs both ablative and non-ablative skin resurfacing treatments.

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