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Sciton® BARE HR ™ in Midlothian, VA

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We are excited to add the BARE HR™ BY SCITON Laser Hair Removal to our vast array of lasers. BARE HR is one of the safest, fastest, and most effective permanent hair reduction devices on the market and we were happy to be the first in RVA to offer this.

It is suitable for patients of all skin types including tan skin (not red or sunburned), any time of the year, anywhere on the body.

Please Note: It does not treat white, blonde, or gray hair because the laser targets pigmented hair within the follicle.

Results You Can Feel & See

  • Treatments are quick, lasting only about 30 minutes (Think about before work, lunch hour, before picking up the kids, etc.).
  • Laser Hair Removal destroys hair follicles, leaving you with smooth skin after a completed series of treatments.
  • Comfortable treatments with low risk of side effects.
  • Men love their results also (a full back can take 2 minutes).

Key areas to treat:

  • Back hair
  • Underarm hair
  • Arm Hair
  • Chest hair
  • Bikini area
  • Buttocks
  • Leg hair
  • Upper lip hair
  • Chin hair
  • Much more!
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Do I need a consultation before getting laser hair removal?

Yes. During your complimentary consultation, we will carefully consider your individual skin type, tone, and texture in determining a customized laser hair removal treatment plan that’s perfect for you.

How do I prepare for my laser hair removal treatment?

  • Before your laser treatment, hair follicles should be as healthy as possible so we will ask you to avoid waxing or plucking existing hair 30 days prior to treatment.
  • We do ask that you shave your target areas 1-3 days prior to treatment so that your hair is no longer in length than short stubble. This is to allow the laser to focus on the hair follicles.
  • Your hair does not have to be visible to be treated, but your hair follicles need to be fully intact under the skin for the laser hair removal treatment to work. (This is why before and in between your laser hair removal sessions, you should also only remove hair with shaving and refrain from plucking or waxing your treatment areas to preserve your hair follicles.)
  • What’s more, active tanning, tanning beds, spray-on tans, wipe-on tans, and bronzing lotions are prohibited for patients wishing to have laser treatments because they can increase your risk for complications.

How many laser hair removal treatments do I need to get rid of my hair?

To help you enjoy clean areas of skin with no hair, we recommend undergoing a series of at least 4 - 6 treatments (treatments should be 4-8 weeks apart depending upon the area of the body).

How can I achieve my best laser hair removal results?

  • Your skin is more sensitive to the sun two to four weeks after a laser treatment. If you are likely to have sun exposure, your skin should be protected. Use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, preferably water and sweat resistant, on all exposed skin during any extended amount of time outside in the sun.
  • Avoid certain medications (i.e., medications that cause the blood to become thinner).

What Will I Need to Do After the Treatment?

  • Avoid exposure to the sun for long periods of time. You should also avoid using tanning beds or anything that chemically darkens the skin until all treatments are finished.
  • The treated area may be warm for 1-2 hours after the treatment. Warmth may continue for 12-24 hours after the treatment. Apply ice that has been wrapped or gel packs to the treatment area for ten and fifteen (10–15) minutes every hour for the following four (4) hours (never apply ice directly to the skin). You may also take an oral anti-inflammatory or an analgesic to ease discomfort.
  • Redness is normal and typically subsides in two or three days.
  • Minor swelling immediately after treatment is normal and typically subsides in two or three days.

What Results Can I Expect?

Once the process and maintenance have been completed, you can expect the hair in the treated area to fall out over the next several days or weeks. It can take some time because the cycle of hair growth is always revolving. After the first treatment, it might look like the hair is growing back, but that is not what is happening. It is the result of the hair-growth cycle continuing instead.

How Long Does It Last?

Results will depend a lot on the area where the hair is being removed, the color of your hair, and how fast your hair grows. When your hair does grow back, you can expect it to be lighter in color and thinner than it was before the treatment.

How Do I Get Started?

Finally, the most important decision you will have to make as part of the laser hair removal process is who is going to do the procedure. You will want to trust your body to an experienced professional that knows how to keep your skin safe during treatment. Franki, our Licensed Master Aesthetician, has over a decade in aesthetics and laser training including Laser Hair Removal and can deliver the results you want.

Please call or text our office at 804.378.7443 to schedule a consultation and discover the beauty of true confidence!

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